Two more papers have been accepted for publication and are available online now. In Oikos (DOI: 10.1111/oik.03886) you can read about the effects of leaf traits on fuel bed flammability. We found that fuel bed flammability is not just limited by aeration, but leaf traits that affect flammability of individual leaves (e.g. SLA) continue to […]

Yay! After almost four years of solid science I have submitted my thesis titled: “Plant traits and their effects on fire and decomposition”. It has been an adventurous journey and I would like to thank all the collaborators and friends that were involved.

Finally the first paper of my PhD-project is available online! Here you can read how leaf traits affect leaf and litter flammability and why flammability and decomposability are decoupled across species. Two important litter turn over processes, fire and decomposition, turned out to be unrelated across 32 evergreen species from eastern Australia. Decomposition was driven […]

From the 14th to the 21st of November I attended the 7th International Conference on Forest Fire Research in Coimbra. I met many great people and there were some interesting talks. On Thursday, the last day of the conference, I gave a talk named “The ring of fire: the relative importance of fuel packing versus intrinsic […]

Albertinah is a master student from Botswana. She is doing a MSc degree in biodiversity conservation at Macquarie University through an AusAID scholarship.With fire being a common event in the Botswana grass- and shrublands she is interested in how ecological processes shape species’ occurence and conservation. In this project she focusses on fuel energy contents […]

Celebrating 60 years of bushfire research, the symposium started with the history of Mc Arthur, a pioneer in his field, and continued with an overview of the developments in fire behaviour research since then. From field-experiments with sticks, rocks, and hand drawn tables to hi-tech fire behaviour models. Although the FFDI (Forest Fire Danger Index) […]

From May till August I have been performing burning experiments in the FLARE-lab at the VU, Amsterdam. As predicted the Australian litter burned well and there were some clear differences in the combustibility of the different species. It was great fun to work on a different scale. Special thanks goes out to Hans, Peter and […]

 Last weeks I set up my decomposition experiment. Now let it rot!

Are you a plantfreak, pyromaniac or a labnerd? Are you looking for some valuable research experience? Throughout the year 2013 there are plenty of opportunities to join me in the field or running lab experiments. For MRes students we could set this up as a lab/research stint. I am looking for enthusiastic people who are […]

My first experiments are running!